Robotics, Digital Manufacturing and off-site Construction

We are developing and combining proven manufacturing methods with advanced technologies to

build the next generation of homes and buildings.

3D Printing Technology

Our concrete 3D printing technology is capable of printing residential, commercial and industrial structures seamlessly both on and off-site with minimal human operation. Our technology is durable, energy-efficient and long lasting. With an easy-to-use interface, we’ve designed a system that anyone with our training can build with. Our technology will be available for sale in 2019.

Advanced Materials

We develop efficient materials for our 3D printing technology. Our mix contains advanced reinforcement technology and hardens quickly after print. The result is a mixture stronger than regular concrete that does not compromise structural integrity.

Fully Automated Prefab Facility

We design and build fully automated facilities with our technology for advanced manufacturing, pre-fabricated construction and prototyping processes. These facilities result in a cleaner manufacturing process that is more efficient, customizable and cost-effective than traditional build processes.