We Are Removing The Barriers Between Design, Speed, Sustainability and Efficiency In Construction

We are developing next-generation technology and robotic solutions to solve problems facing today's construction industry.

Hyperion Robotics is revolutionizing how we build and design through the development of 3D printing technology, advanced materials and robotic systems that reduce the cost and time required to build structures while enabling freedom of design.

Hyperion Robotics is a fast-growing company that embraces innovation and increased automation in the construction sector. We strongly believe that technology should aid us to provide safer, quicker, sustainable and more cost-effective build solutions without compromising structural quality.

Led by a team with expertise in 3D printing, robotics, architecture and product design we are working to make 3D printing for construction adoptable by designers and construction companies around the world.


Our Founder


Fernando De Los Rios

CEO and Founder

Fernando De Los Rios has a bachelors degree in business from the Universidad del Pacifico. He began his career in finance at Ernst & Young before shifting his focus to become an entrepreneur and start one of Peru’s first online grocery stores. He then moved to Silicon Valley and started working on new ways to redefine the construction industry, being then featured on Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in 2017. After initial efforts in the field, he then founded Hyperion Robotics. Fernando is now taking his passion to change the way we build through robotics and 3D printing to build the world’s first “liveable” 3D printed houses around the world.

A Greener Future


3D printing presents an undeniable opportunity to provide a greener solution for the future of construction. This new way of construction differs from traditional build methods in that a structure is built one layer at a time using the precise amount of material required and distributing it where it is needed most, thereby producing stronger and lighter structures.

Our technology replaces the need for other construction equipment and minimizes on-site construction waste by up to 60%. Our unique concrete formulas contain recyclable material, conserve energy longer and are more resilient to environmental conditions and disasters than traditional construction materials.

Overall, 3D printing presents a more energy efficient solution that minimizes our carbon footprint, paving the way for a more sustainable future.